Like so many of our favorite projects, this one started with a long conversation over good coffee. We loved the owner immediately, but once she got out the pictures of her gorgeous hillside lot with stunning views, we were hooked.

We came in at the beginning of the project, so we were able to shape every aspect of the home from planning all the way through construction and move-in. We collaborated closely with the architect and builders, acting as the advocate for our client all along the way to make sure everything was absolutely perfect. We selected all the finishes: from materials to decorative lighting, furnishings to accessories. The client has great taste, which always makes a project more fun, and we loved getting to pull the whole house together visually and bringing in all the tiny details that give a home its own distinct personality.

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“There’s really no one else like Amanda, and we feel so lucky and grateful we got to work with her. When you live in a house, you kind of forget how beautiful it is, but whenever we have people over, I see their faces light up when they walk in, like ”whoa!” I still can’t quite believe I get to live in this amazing house.”

— Krysta L.

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Photography by John Merkl