Los Altos II

While every project we do has its own interesting backstory, the one behind this Los Altos renovation was, well, a bit soggy. After they had a devastating flood, they came to us to help them start over with a blank slate: do a full remodel of the home to improve layout and flow, and then furnish it from top to bottom.

The house had traditional bones, and we stayed true to those while also adding more modern elements—sculptural features, hits of color throughout—to reflect the young family’s taste and lifestyle. We also took the opportunity to make significant finish upgrades throughout the house, replacing wimpy mouldings and adding gorgeous, handcrafted built-in cabinetry. 

In a year that’s given us so many challenges, it was wonderful to deliver this “silver-linings” project to a great family.

“I don’t have an eye for interior design myself, but when I saw Amanda’s portfolio, I immediately loved her aesthetic. And once I met her, I knew she was right for us—warm and sincere, and, of course, amazingly talented. Our house now feels so fresh and new and light, with so many delightful little touches that I could never have imagined thinking of. We love it—and we loved working with Amanda.”

—Angela, Homeowner

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